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Data Mailers

Menter has many years of experience in the manufacture of data mailers and are one of the leading producers in the UK, giving you the assurance of the highest standards of quality, reliability and expertise. Our data mailer range is unbeatable for scale, size, capacity and versatility.

We have three multi station data mailer collators & the end product can be either cut sets or continuous fanfold. With advanced production facilities to ensure optimum output, the three machines are fitted with Strayfield radio frequency driers to improve quality and minimise "tenting”. We’ll be pleased to provide samples if required.

Product Features

  • Security pay advice and pay mailer
  • BACS payment advice
  • Continuous envelopes
  • A&E hospital forms
  • Forms with remoistenable glue
  • Insert Datamailers
  • Security Pay Mailers

Depth’s available: 12", 11", 10", 8.5", 8", 6", 5.5", 5", 4.25", 4", 3.33", and 3"

Additional Product Options: Double sided tape, folded/sheeted and numbered.