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Special Products

DVD/CD Mailing Pockets:

Suitable for mailing out DVDs/CDs and can incorporate a reply facility if return is required.

X-tra Document Envelopes:
A new product developed by Menter which allows small booklets or guarantee forms to be incorporated in a clear fronted envelope with self adhesive backing for attaching to manufactured goods. This gives a more professional finish and is supplied with the booklet (which is also printed by us to your specifications) already sealed inside the envelope. An exciting new product only available from us.

Laserable Windscreen Parking Permits:
An A4 letter that incorporates a self adhesive parking permit which can be personalised by laser printer. When this is delivered to the recipient the parking permit can be removed and attached to the inside of the car windscreen. This is available in small and large quantities.

X-tra Secure PIN Mailer:
A cost effective, tamperproof continuous PIN mailer. Developed by us to overcome the problem of PIN mailers being steamed open and then re-sealed.

X-tra Secure PIN or Password Reply Form:
Uses tapestrips on three sides to provide a tamperproof and secure means of sealing and delivering a PIN number or password for return mailing. Developed by us as a better alternative to re-moistenable glue and currently in use by one of the leading UK banks.

Problem Solving:
A number of the above products were developed by us in response to several complex and problematic requirements presented to us by our customers.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any complex enquiries that you need assistance with.